PADI Open Water

1 week course, for beginners that have never dove before. It consists of 3 evening sessions, of class and pool time, followed by a weekend of ocean diving. Recognized world wide, this program gives you the knowledge and techniques needed to dive to a depth of 60 feet. Pre requisite for Open Water course is that you must be able to swim.


Advanced Open Water

Starting with home study, the advanced class is usually done in 2 days; this course consists of 5 adventure dives, including Deep and Navigation as well as 3 other specialty dives. Designed to gain more experience after the Open Water Program, and get a taste of the different specialties that are available. Pre requisites for the advanced is the Open Water Course


Rescue Diver

The rescue diver course begins with home study and classroom learning and 2 days of ocean dives. This course prepares divers for self rescue and teaches you the techniques needed to rescue another person. Pre requisites for this course are Advanced Open Water, first aide and CPR.


Dive Master

This course consists of Home study, class time, pool and ocean sessions. Dive Master enables the diver to work as a guide, teacher assistant and limited teaching programs.


Assistant Instructor:

This course consists of Home study, class and pool time. 


Adventure Diver


Master Scuba Diver



Underwater Photography

Underwater Navigation

Underwater Naturalist

Wreck Diver

Deep Diver

Drift Diver

Drysuit Diver

Enriched Air

Equipment Specialist

Night Diver

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Search and Recovery Diver

Semi Closed Re-Breather



Introduction to tech diving

Nitrox Diver

Advanced Nitrox

Decompression Procedures

Extended Range Diver

Trimix Diver

Advanced Trimix Diver

Advanced Wreck Diver


Service Courses

Nitrox Gas Blender

Advanced Gas Blender

O2 Service Technician