Ed’s Bio


Ed started his diving career in 1983 working with Seafun Divers as a contract commercial diver. He carried on to work with DFO as a research diver starting in 84 and became an instructor in ’85. Ed has also worked for and owned seafood harvest vessels, and continues to do a variety of commercial work including contracts for fish farms, inspections and search and recovery and various other commercial diving needs.


In the early ‘90’s Ed became involved with the Nanaimo Emergency Program which worked with a combination of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and P.E.P. (Provincial Emergency Program. His duties included coxain of vessel, land search and rescue as well as rescue diving and recovery.


Sundown Diving started in 1984 and Ed started teaching diving in 1985. He has owned Sundown Diving since 1986.


Ed has traveled to many dive destinations around the world experiencing a vast array of diving conditions, but still enjoys B.C. diving for its diversity of marine life.