Due to a recent new law that forbids anyone from swimming disturbing or interacting with any marine mammal we can no longer offer the snorkel with seals trip. Please check with us for other snorkel options.

For Divers and non divers, there is no other experience like snorkeling with the seals. A 15 minute boat ride takes you out to the beautiful Snake Island where on any given day the harbor seals can be found in abundance on the shores resting or playing in the surrounding waters.


Some days the seals are very curious and will come up to you to investigate, looking you in the face, brushing by you, or showing you how to catch a meal. Other days they will watch you from the shores, keeping a bit of distance between you and them.


There is always more life to be experienced in the water than just the seals, and it is common to see Bald Eagles, Oyster Catchers, Canadian Geese, and Cormorants at Snake Island as well as it is also a natural bird sanctuary.


For your comfort, we outfit you in wetsuit, hoods, gloves, boots, fins, mask and snorkel, and weight belt if required


The whole process usually takes about 4 hours from your arrival to the shop to get geared up, to your arrival back at the dock after your exciting day.


All you need to bring with you is a bathing suit and a towel. Feel free to bring a camera too if you want pictures


We offer Snorkeling with the Seals Charter for all ages that can swim, (with parental supervision)




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Snorkeling with the Seals